Video Game Tester Salary

What will Your Paycheck Look Like?

How Much Money Can You Make as a Video Game Tester?

When we talk of professions that have the potential to pay you in the convenience of your own home, not mentioning game testing would definitely be unfair--not only to the profession, but also to countless people who can count on such an opportunity.

With the gaming industry flourishing and expanding at quite a fast pace, the number of games seeing the market every week has increased significantly.

Therefore, the need of professional game testers is on the rise as well, to make sure to present to the masses games that are free of (almost) all of the bugs and glitches.

More Than Just Gaming


Video game testers are hired to make sure that a particular video game is working fine in all aspects, right from designing of characters to other graphic designing aspects. Additionally, they also have to make sure all the levels of a game work flawlessly, presenting the end user with a generally awesome gaming experience.

Game testers find all the possible bugs and issues by exploring each level of the game in great details to make sure they can identify all possible problem areas, so that the game developers can fix them before the game is officially released for gamers all across the world.

Video game testing, as some people believe, is not all about gaming and having fun. It demands that you are knowledgeable about video games in general, good at diving into details and time conscious. You have to do your utmost to put all possible bugs or problems on the table within due time limits defined by the game developers.

Beware of Extraordinary Claims

When talking about making money as a professional video game tester, there is only myth to claims like making $200 to $300 per hour. When a person lands up on web pages claiming to offer $ 200 to 300 per hour, rest assured that those are fake claims.

In reality, a video game tester can make up to $20 to $30 an hour in most of the cases. What I personally managed to get highest as a video game tester was $28 per hour before I got a chance to switch to another job opportunity in gaming. As a matter of fact, getting to this mark takes quite a lot for most game testers. On the other hand, guys like Jack have been able to make more so nothing is set in stone.

For beginners, it is most likely to lie in a range of about $15 at most. However, with the passage of time, experience and remunerations, you can certainly increase your paycheck. Some testers--having spent a few years in the industry--can claim up to $60/hr, but that takes a lot of time and commitment.

Another aspect that game testers in the making should be aware of is the fact that testing a particular game cannot last forever. Therefore, it is better to start searching for another project even before the one you have is over, to make sure that your money-making experience continues without any interruption.